Frequently Asked Questions:

Why statewear?

- It’s a great way to represent your team and your state at the same time.

- It stands out.  Most team apparel out there right now is boring, and there’s not a whole lot of choice out there.  statewear gets noticed.  Anybody that can’t figure out what team your representing with statewear probably doesn’t like sports anyway.

- The super high-quality fabric that we print on your shirt lasts a very long time.  You can wash it a hundred times, and it still looks like you just bought it.

- The faded vintage look has had its run.  It’s time to simplify and stand out as true fans.  Let everyone know whose side you’re on without having to say a word!

Why don’t you have my team and/or particular garment for my team?

This is likely to be the most common question asked, and there are a few possibilities:

- The company we use to make the garments is awesome and makes all sorts of cool high-quality apparel, but they don’t carry every color in the rainbow.  Some teams are only limited to certain garments and a few unfortunate teams I can’t do anything with.  Trust me, not having burnt orange or Carolina Blue doesn’t make us happy.  Just about every real sports fan out there has a secondary team they root for though, so keep supporting statewear, and more colors are bound to come.

- Your state is a square, and just doesn’t look right on a shirt.  We’re working on ways around this.

- Your state is Hawaii.  They have their own thing going similar to what we do, so there’s no need for us to cross paths there.

- Your team is a Division II team or smaller.  We unfortunately can’t please everyone.

- It’s coming, we just haven’t gotten there yet.  Over 500 items to choose from, and more on the way!!

Are your hoodies the heavier or lighter kind?

Lighter, thankfully.  They’re so much more comfortable.  With the 7.8oz hoodies, you can wear them almost any time of the year, and layer accordingly depending on the weather.  They definitely keep you warm, but the chances of overheating in one is extremely low.

How do I exchange/track my order/get express shipping/etc?
All that can be answered on Spreadshirt’s help page here:

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